Lucid Communication is an ESL agency based in Victoria, BC.

Our services include ESL support, translation/Interpretation, business consulting for, but not limited to, Japanese clients.


ESL Support

We find schools for Japanese international students in Victoria, and BC.

Cultural Consulting

Are you depicting Japan in your film/TV/theatre productions and want to make sure it is correct and authentic? We come in and audit your production and advise for authentic representation of Japanese culture.

Homestay placement

Interested in hosting Japanese international students in your home? Hosting an international student is a culturally rewarding experience. Many of our host families enjoy having another family in their home. You are to provide 3 meals per day plus snacks as needed. Copy of criminal record checks is required to host students.For fees and other details, please contact us at info(at)lucidcommunication.ca

Rental room placement

You have a spare room, but don’t have time to cook 3 meals per day for a student? Many of our students (often older than 20 years old) are looking for a rental room where they can cook their own meals. Students will save some money by cooking their own food, yet at the same time they get to live with a Canadian (you). Please contact us if you have a spare room you wish to rent.

Custodian services for minors studying in Canada

We offer Custodian services to minor students coming to Canada. It’s like we’re their parent in Canada.


As well as regular document translations, we offer legal or business meeting interpretation (discovery sessions, pre-trial meeting, etc). Please contact us to book an interpretation sessions.


Have questions about starting /doing business in/with Japan? Contact us.

Please contact us for more details.